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"Bat Yam Loves Animals" was established by individual volunteers of the city of Bat Yam in 2016.
Now our association is the only response for city residents in the field of stray animals rescue and care.
As noted, the association's limited force of volunteers provide, among other things, a solution in the treatment of animals that have been injured or abandoned. It also handles cases of neglect or animal abuse, as well as capturing stray cats and stray dogs for spaying/neutering, in order to reduce the uncontrolled reproduction.
These days, we are setting up a veterinary clinic for the stray animals. The clinic will be at 19 Balfour Street, Bat Yam and will treat stray cats and dogs, as well there will be provided a regular spaying and neutering project for stray cats. As well, we intend to establish a shelter for street animals this year, which will include dogs and cats.
The association is now working in cooperation with the Bat Yam Municipality and we are given the opportunity to receive a rent-free place from the authorities for establishing a new shelter.
At the same time, the expenses for maintaining a shelter and a clinic, as described, are much higher than the income we receive through public donations.
The association is unique in its activities because, it is the only association that provides a solution for the care of stray animals in the city of Bat Yam.
The association asks you to support us through a one-time or regular donation, when we believe that together with public support we can overcome the financial difficulties and build a new support system, which can provide a solution to a very significant part of the lives of the city. The abandoned animals are an integral part of our city and we are ready to take on a great part in caring for their well-being.

In 2020, we opened a dogs and cats shelter called "Fazenda", which was located at 10 Komemiyut Street in Bat Yam, but we had to close it only 7 months later, due to non-compliance with the expenses required to maintain the place and its regular activities. We learned a lot and are ready to another try. We are working in association with Bat yam municipality.

VetClinic For Stray Animals

Balfour 19 Bat Yam


of stray cats
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